A New Priest for Arundel and Brighton



As you know, my ordination to the priesthood is taking place on the 11th July this year. It will be held at Arundel Cathedral, at 3pm. Under normal circumstances, I would have dearly loved you to have been physically present in Arundel cathedral for the celebration. But these are very much unusual circumstances and the size of the congregation will be strictly limited by government regulations.

Despite all that, I would still like you to feel as fully involved as possible. With that desire in mind, this webpage has been put together for you. It has all the links and information that you will need to help participate fruitfully and actively in the service. There is a link to Arundel Cathedral’s live video feed, from which the ordination will be streamed. There is a downloadable order of service for you to follow along. There is also other useful information, such as details of first masses.

I look forward to seeing you as soon as possible and to giving you my first blessing. Please pray for me as the big day draws nearer. Please also pray for my brother deacons who are due to be ordained for their respective dioceses around this time: John Howard, Thomas Lawes, Peter Murphy, Dermott O’Gorman, Giovanni Prandini and Peter Sebastian.

Love and prayers, Thomas

The angels surround and help the priest when he is celebrating the mass.

St Augustine